Today I wandered into a weird antique shop where there were lots of strange things. In honor of pay-day and my curious mood, I decided to buy the weirdest thing I could find. This quickly turned into hunting around the shop for almost an hour where in the end, I bought a map, 10 post … More Postcards

It is finished.

As I have grown in understanding and knowledge about my faith, I have come to realize that one of the hardest parts, in my opinion, about being a Christian is forgiveness. When I say forgiveness, I am not only talking about forgiveness towards others, but also towards yourself. Sin is inevitable; we sin repeatedly every … More It is finished.

Why me, God?

There are certain trials in everyone’s life that makes each and every one of us as Christians wonder “why me, God?” I know I have been there. One trial in specific in which I have seen an unfortunate series of “why me”s is self image. Boy oh boy have I been there and done that … More Why me, God?

Why I Pray for the Strangers at the Gym

I’ve always been a pretty active person. Between competitive cheerleading, softball, basketball, and running, exercising has always been something I have not only prioritized, but enjoyed. But just because I have always enjoyed doing it, doesn’t mean that I have always done it for the same reason. Up until this year, working out was something … More Why I Pray for the Strangers at the Gym


A year ago yesterday something really cool happened.  A year ago yesterday I did my say-so at fall weekend 2015 and verbally committed my life to Christ. I stood up in a chilly garage-like gym and said the following words that would change my life forever: “Hi! I am Alyssa Brooks from Mason and today … More XI.XXII.MMXV


My life has been significantly more full and happy this past year. The reason is NOT because I made it this entire 12 month period of time only buying Starbucks with gift cards (that is a lot of gift cards, believe me). Although this did happen and I am very pleased with myself for that reason, … More 11.13.16


One year ago, I was invited to a weird gathering of 100 high schoolers in someone’s basement. I sat there smushed between a bunch of loud strangers while four unlucky people were forced to eat burritos filled with spam, raw fish, icing, and other weird ingredients in front of all of us just so we … More 75