A Very Thankful Thanksgiving

Looking back on my 15 Thanksgivings, I have come to realize that I took for granted a opportunity to sit back and think about everything that I am thankful for. Whether its simply being able to fit in a Panera run with my friends in life’s busy agenda, or having parents who love me more that I could know, there is so much that I have been blessed with in my 15 years of existence. Big or small, they will, deservedly, be acknowledged in my first post.

I am so blessed to have the siblings I do. Without my fashionista of a sister, I would most likely be walking around looking homeless. (Now is a good chance to throw out an apology for taking your clothes and wearing them) Now, to my very straight-forward brother- I am, although it may not seem like it, very thankful that you tell me things as it is. I have always wanted sugar-coated comments; but your honesty, occasionally harsh, is most definitely needed.

I am beyond grateful to have the parents I do. If I wasn’t so fortunate to have my mother, I would have lost my best friend when it comes to venting; I could rant on hours and hours to you, and the head nods and advice would keep rolling. I haven’t forgotten about one of the most educated, outgoing, and, occasionally unintentionally, hilarious people out there- my dad. Along with the believable tall genes, it seems like I have heard a thousand times that I get my animated, loud story-telling genes from you- it took me a while to believe that one.

Oh but how could I forget about my teammates. From giving pick-me-ups whenever I am feeling down, to literally picking me up when I fall trying at practice, I can always count on my team for encouragement and a good laugh; thanks go out to all of you for keeping me sane.

I could acknowledge all my friends for all they have done for me, but then this post would be a mile long. So, I choose to call-out a very special friend who has, probably unknowingly, made a huge difference in me. Jennifer Asher has brought be closer to God by introducing me to something very important that inspires me, relaxes me, and gives me something to look forward to all week. One day, I was venting to Jennifer about the 1,200 pounds of stress that I was trying to carry on my shoulders. She told me a relevant, and thought provoking biblical quote, which then set my mind at ease. She brought me to Athlete Impact, and this was something that has changed my entire view on life. Jennifer bringing me closer to God and bringing back my faith is something that has changed my life in ways that cannot be fully described through words- it relieved my stress, balanced my mind, and gave me something to rely on and hope for. It is safe to say that what Jennifer did for me, is something that can’t be taken away, and I am forever thankful.

The little, and less acknowledged, things- I am thankful for those too.

-Having laundry to be done; it means I have clothes.

-Having a house to clean; it means I have a home.

-Having to wake up at 6 AM every weekday; it means I have an opportunity for education.

-Having post-practice soreness; it means I am healthy enough to be active.

Be thankful even for the hassles, it means you are fortunate.


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