My Little Inspiration

A little girl a third my size, a third my age, but three times as optimistic inspired me this past Saturday.

This past weekend, I helped my mom sell Stella and Dot jewelry at a fundraiser for the Maede family. For those of you who don’t know, the Maede family was in a terrible car wreck that caused the devastating death of a mother and the severe injury of a son; five year old Hannah Maede, however, is luckily doing well after the accident. The fundraiser was a huge success not only for helping fund the Maede family in various areas, but also funded me with enough inspiration to last a lifetime.

My recollection of the night as a whole was the equivalent to a tangled up ball of yarn; I was a busy bee being a saleswoman for the night. A segment of five minutes stands out in my brain as something to hold on to in times of doubt, and times where a surge of pessimism may take a toll on my attitude. They projected a video montage of the Maede family’s heartwarming home videos and I stood and watched with a heavy heart as the family showered one another with hugs and genuine love, while “I Hope You Dance” was played in the background. Then, as if Lee Ann Womack’s voice isn’t beautiful enough, the pure voice of a certain five-year-old girl floods the whole room. Hannah Maede had heads turning, as she sang along to songs in the video montage.

She stood on stage wearing a sparkly, pink dress with her head held high, singing songs dedicated to her mother. After the heart-breaking event involving Hannah Maede, she managed to lift spirits and fill hearts with admiration. This little girl is amazing.

My mom and I looked down at our jewelry table in agreement, as a simply extravagant necklace that had charms which spell out “hope,” glistened, almost ordering our attention; Hannah deserved that necklace. My mom and I were filled from the tips of our toes to the hairs on our head with love and inspiration thanks to a five-year-old girl. The necklace looked beautiful on the most beautiful girl around; nobody could ever wear it better.

hannah maede


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