The months of spring aren’t always sunshine and rainbows. Behind the glitz and glam of prom night, comes an enormous amount of pressure. The process of promposals, prompreparation, and prom itself is chaotic- purely chaotic.

As a sophomore going to prom, I have experienced first hand multiple pressures of prom season. First, the stress that most observers of the chaos primarily think of: the infamous dress. From my only outing in the anarchic prom dress stores, it would be humanly impossible to describe how many times I heard cries from other victims of the season saying “Ugh, my hips are huge!” or “Nothing looks good on me!” with a combination of mothers trying to calm the storm saying “Honey, you look fine” or the occasional “No. Do I look like I’m made of money?” In other words, shopping for the dress that we wear for one night not only destroys our self confidence, but burns a hole in every wallet in our entire house.

But before the dress, comes something just as elaborate- the promposal. From fantasy dreamers to food fanatics, there is a promposal for every personality- and your biggest hope is to get one that people rave over. Although this is basically stress free for the girls, the guys are under the spotlight to make their promposal the most creative. Hours upon hours go into planning, creating, and preparing to ask the seven letter, legendary question “Will you go to prom with me?”

IMG_5135  IMG_5133

For girls, the preparation for prom night is endless. Being pale is a crime- that is why God invented the tanning bed. Last year as a freshman, and no I did not go to prom as a freshman, I happened to stumble into the tanning salon (which then, of course, turned into a two week unlimited pass.) Just to my luck- it happened to be prom season. Girls upon girls upon girls would wait anxiously in the lobby, every inch of floor space taken, striving for their perfect tan. As a innocent bystander to the madness, I waited 30 minutes to tan. For rookie tanners out there, that is a lot of time- usually you are in and out in a matter of 15 minutes. In that moment, I realized that teenage girls’ prom aspirations can move a mountain.

Along with the day of prom, comes a whole different story. The day is essentially filled to the brim with questions (you would think that after months of planning, it would all be figured out.) First comes nails: What nail salon will have the shorter wait? What do I want to do with my nails? How can I pose so that people will actually be able to see my nails? Then comes hair: Should I do style number 1 or style number 2? Do I trust my stylist with my life? (If not, she can’t do my hair) How can I do a unique updo without looking like Cindy Lou Who? Lastly, comes wearing the dress: Do I even like this dress? Do I even like this dress? Do I even like this dress?

It may take girls all day to get ready, when it only takes guys an hour, but prom is a huge event with huge stresses. But after the months of worry, planning, and pressure, every ounce should pay off.


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