Next Stop: Barcelona, Spain

Based upon my bio “A girl in love with the world,” it is probably inferred of me that I am a huge traveler and have explored near and far in this world. Actually, I am the polar opposite- my knowledge on the world is confined to what I’ve learned from high school history textbooks and the internet. The farthest I have ventured is a weekend stay in Tampa, Florida. While my dad worked, my mom and I baked in the sun on the beach. Yet, the world still fascinates me- I want to live a life filled with observing, learning, and exploring.

Tomorrow, my level of exploration will be taken from 0 to 100. A life full of adventure will be sparked by my two week journey in Spain. No family. No English. Just a group of high school students and four leaders with a common wanderlust. I am only slightly intimidated by the fact that this is my first time out of the U.S., I don’t have my family with me (which, no offense to mom and dad, wouldn’t have helped too much because of their lack of foreign travel experience,) and I am staying with a Spanish-speaking family for an entire week. Twenty four hours from now, I will be flying on a plane (which I completely dread, so let’s not elaborate on that) over the Atlantic ocean, with the anticipation of landing in Barcelona, Spain.

For the past week, my packed suitcase has been staring me down and mocking my loathe for how slowly time can pass, but also reminding me that quite the marvelous expedition is yet to come.

Next stop: Barcelona, Spain. T- 21 hours, 22 minutes, 40 seconds



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