Spain- Day 1

So while arriving in Barcelona, Spain, after an exhausting day of travel, we offically looked like we do in our passport photos (terrifying.) A full summary of this day would be virtually impossible; we got more accomplished in a 13 hour time period than I have all summer break (not to mention that I am tired on the highest level possible, which means there is no way I can accurately recall every awesome detail that happened today.) 

First off, it must have completely slipped my mind that if I get asked questions by Spainards in Spanish and I comprehend it just fine, I need to answer in Spanish. I received about 3 odd and confused glances when I answered their questions confidently in a foreign language, then had to translate myself right after, throwing in a “oops, lo siento!”

Second off, their market is amazing. From delicious things like fresh fruit smoothies and Spanish sausage, to completely gory things (to me at least) such as goat heads, cow’s tounge, and skinned chicken with their limp head still attached, it was a highly interesting experience… If only this were in replacement of Kroger.


You are welcome for not including the pictures of beheaded goats and headed chickens.

Thirdly, the human towers were complete insanity (in an awesome way.) I will let the pictures do the talking, but let’s just say that I was shaking in fear, anticipation, and fascination, almost as much as the people on the bottom of the pyramid were shaking in pain and concentration.


Fourthly, the fountain light show was absolutely stunning. They played Taylor Swift in the background- I guess they knew I was coming.

Those were the highlights of my day, but here’s a few pictures of beautiful buildings and other memorable things.


 This building has NO edges or corners in the entire place. How cool is that? (Sorry about my iPhone in the reflection, I took this from the bus.)

  This building is where Pablo Picasso learned how to paint. He also slept here at night!

This is where The Cheetah Girls filmed their movie in 2006. This is also the most legendary picture I have ever been in.

One more day in Barcelona, then I am off to Pamplona! Day one: ✔️


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