Barcelona- Day 2

I am a tad late on the blogging, but as the trip went on I realized it was very difficult to have the energy to blog, when you are active 19 hours a day. 

Anyway, Day two of Barcelona was quite the adventure. After waking up and embracing the world’s best coffee, after a minimal amount of sleep, we visited La Sagrada Familia. If you didn’t know, this cathedral has been under construction for just under 200 years. Photos do not do this beauty justice, but this was by far the most amazing sight of my entire trip.  

 This cathedral was originally designed by Antoni Gaudí in 1852 and will be finished in 2026. The intricate design and symbolism throughout the building was remarkable and left me shocked that it is only 60% finished.

If you didn’t know, I am a huge fan of The Cheetah Girls. So visiting Park Güell, AKA the set for their Strut Like You Mean It scene, was another highlight of my trip. You wouldn’t be able to tell because it’s not like I took 176 pictures at their set or anything.  

 Antoni Gaudí also designed this park. How did he have time to create so many beautiful things in so little time? (In the third picture, the mountain on the left is the mountain we E- biked to the top of.)

After visiting and touring La Sagrada Familia, we went on an E- bike tour- what a story. Riding motorized bikes up a mountain obviously was not second nature to us, especially since we had a member of the group who didn’t know how to ride a bike. We had 7 falls, 2 people in the hospital, and 3 people lost in Barcelona. But don’t worry- they convienently all got lost with chaperones. This was by far my favorite thing that I did this entire trip (and no, it wasn’t because I watched someone fall down a mountain on a motorized bike.) After the 6th fall, they decided to take us on a shortcut back through a cactus garden. It sounded like a pretty good idea- even though we were all dropping like flies. We were riding motorized bikes, downhill, through a cactus garden, after 7 falls… what could possibly go wrong? Of course, a seat goes loose, causing an innocent freshman to ricochet off of a palm tree and face first into the biggest cactus in the garden. Luckily, he played it off like a pro- he plucked the needles out of his nose and kept riding. Those are the exact series of events that made our, as the tour guides said, “unforgettable” 2 hour tour last 5 hours.

On another note, the sight seeing was amazing on the tour. Seeing the 1992 Olympic Stadium in Barcelona was so awesome.  

   The giant torch pictured above is infamous for its mystery. In the 1992 Olympics, they supposedly lit the torch by a flaming arrow shot from the middle of the stadium. People say it’s all a myth because they claim it’s nearly impossible to shoot a flaming arrow from that great of a distance and have it land perfectly in the torch. But I say those people are no fun.

Once we peddled to the top of the mountain, the sun was setting and the view was amazing. Like I said before, the picture doesn’t do it justice. 

From The Olympic Stadium, to beautiful archetecture, to amazing views, Barcelona was quite the journey and definitely one of my favorite cities to visit. Next came Pamplona, with a whole other story to tell.


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