Day 4- San Sebastián

Cold weather and all, there’s nothing better than a cute, Spanish beach town. Although our visit was brief, seeing San Sebastián was beyond beautiful. It was very interesting to be in the Basque Country, which if you didn’t know, has a whole different language than Spanish, similar to how they speak Catalán in Barcelona/ Cataluña. The Basque Country consists of a fraction of Spain, obviously including San Sebastián, and also a larger part of France. It is so interesting to not only explore the language and culture that I am studying, but also different languages and cultures that are present in Spain.

The coldness of northern Spain didn’t change from Pamplona, but San Sebastián had by far the prettiest views. It seemed that literally any way you turned, there was another pretty thing to see. 

  When we first arrived, we walked along La Playa de la Concha, which translates to Shell Beach, because it is shaped like a shell, and saw beautiful views like these. Little did we know, it was going to get prettier.

  After riding some type of interesting, motorized vehicle up the mountian, (e-bikes were no longer a consideration) we saw even prettier sights like these. In the second photo, that’s Claire, Pablo, and me. Shoutout to him for helping put this amazing trip together!! 

  Then, to our surprise, the view got even prettier! There was a miniature carnival along our walk and we overlooked the whole city of San Sebastián. By far the cutest, little town from the whole trip!


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