Day 5- Madrid 

It is safe to say that Madrid was one of the most fun places to visit in Spain. After a long train ride in the morning, the “escuadrón” (Spanish for “squad”) migrated from chilly Pamplona to extremely dry, hot Madrid. I love hot weather, so the extremely sunny and dry 100 degree weather didn’t bother me. Either that or I got used to it since I stayed with a family in Madrid for a whole week.

After arriving in Madrid, our first sight to see was the Royal Palace. Yes- they still have a king and a queen, but they no longer live in the ginormous palace that their ancestors lived in for centuries. This was the first out of two former homes of kings and queens that we visited, and it is safe to say that, considering Disney princesses were 99.9% of my childhood, it was the highlight of the day. Fun fact: at their dining table, which was easily 45-50 feet long and could be made 100 feet long for special occasions, all of the silverware and wine glasses are exactly in line (down to the millimeter) across the entire table. Wow, I would hate to have the job of getting the exact measurement of ALL of the glasses to the edge of the table. Sadly, photographs weren’t allowed in the palace. Reason being that the flash of cameras can allow the precious medals to tarnish quicker. People who know me well know that if I were allowed to take pictures in the palace, the amount of photos on my camera roll would have doubled.

Anyway, it was amazing to see not only the beautiful decorations perfected throughout the castle, but also to see historical objects/ places and learn about them as well. From what I was allowed to photograph, here are my favorites:


 One of the many pictures that I took of the outside of the palace from different angles. Ignore the tops of people’s heads that made their way into my picture.

 Selfie-ing it outside of the palace with Señora Richardson and me. Don’t mind the random, weird kid in the background, he may or may not be in the escuadrón and he may or may not be named Chris.

  Claire and me in the only place we were allowed to take a picture in the palace. Of course, we didn’t pass up the opportunity.

  Another view of the palace, so beautiful.
 The escuadrón by the palace.

The rest of the day was free time to walk around the center of Madrid. On our way to get ice cream, we met British teens. This doesn’t seem very exciting, but it definitely is when they are the only people you come across for a week who are speaking English… We were both very happy to see eachother.

Next, we ventured into the beautiful Segovia, which had so much to see. 



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