The premature perception of the life-changing high school experience is filled with adventure, independence, and careless love. The “high school” shown in movies is a glove fit to the theory that these are “the best four years of your life.” Too many times I have heard rants that high school hasn’t lived up to this universal fiction. The truth of the matter is that in this four year period, a period so slim in the timeline of your life, there will be stressful times. There is stress in the fact that there may be not enough hours in the day to do everything that’s expected of you. There is stress in the fact that your future awaits you, as if it’s peeping around a corner, reeling you into a foreign, unknown adventure. There is stress in the fact that you, as a high school student, believe that you are the only one who may feel trapped in your own overwhelmed mind. Truthfully, in Mason High School, a high school so huge, there are 4,000 kids who feel the same way, have felt the same way, or will feel the same way. You are not alone.

The tragedy in this chaos, is not that students are stressed- that’s a given. You are working to determine how the rest of your life will play out; if you are stressed, it means you care.

People rant that they can’t wait to escape Ohio, they can’t wait to move on with their life, and that they can’t wait to be done with high school.

If you are one of those people, the tragedy is this: you are wishing your live away.

You are important. Your life is important. Don’t wish away year after year of your relatively, preciously short life.

You are living the best four years of your life, and for some of you, wasting it. Spending every day counting the days until you can leave is shielding your eyes and soul to see the beauty in life- the beauty in life right now. The beauty in the adventures your youth allows. Today there was the most graceful sunrise shining its hopeful happiness onto the world this morning as you walked into school. You may not have adored its beauty because you simply wished you weren’t there. You could have had the chance to meet someone new today, someone who could have changed your life. You may have not, and that may have been because you wished you were living your life three years later.

From this point on, I urge you to not take life for granted. If your life got swiped away in this very moment, I bet you would wish that you could have looked beyond the stress, and lived your treasure of a life. Because your life is a treasure. I understand your stress. Believe me, this stress is so insignificant in comparison to the years and years and years of everlasting adventures yet to come.

Take time to think about the people you see every day: your classmates, your team, your friends. Someday, they will just be a memory- don’t take them for granted. Don’t let stress prevent you from enjoying these last few years with them.

You may think the key to happiness is success, which partially comes from what you do right now, in these four years.  But the true key to happiness is not losing sight of all you have to be happy about right now, in these four years. Your life is a treasure, don’t forget that. It would be a shame to see that love for life be dulled by the negatives you may be experiencing.

Your love for life is a spark.

Don’t let that spark go out.


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