A Rollercoaster that Only Goes Up

Surprise, surprise, people of wordpress! Alyssa Brooks is back in the blogging world. It’s certainly been a while, but I can assure you I’m here to stay!

The first week of senior year can now be checked off the long list of “lasts” to come for the rest of this year. As I am sure you’d be happy to know, I made it out without pulling any of my embarrassing, first-week-of-school typical Alyssa moments: I didn’t call any of my teachers mom, I didn’t wipe out on the stairs, and I didn’t have an awkward first confrontation with a teacher over my phone going off in class with my ringtone that sounds like a duck quacking. These are three firsts for high school that I am experiencing my senior year- that alone makes for a decently successful week!

Although class rigor is definitely lower this year than the deadly junior year schedule, fall of senior year certainly has monsters of its own. Current college students, bare with me as I write three words that will most definitely make you cringe:

The Common Application. (n) Definition: the longest string of personal and seemingly unnecessary questions about every aspect of your life all in one cohesive form.

Senior year provides a different kind of stress than what junior year did. For that reason, I have most certainly been relying on my faith in God to guide me through this process. As I said, avoiding three of my embarrassing first-week-of-school traditions has made this week decently successful. But what has made this week extremely successful is the outstanding ways I have seen God.

I am not writing to sugar coat things- junior year was definitely hard with many ups and downs. I had falling-outs with friends, and there were nights where it was 1am, I was in the midst of ACT prep+ homework+ other responsibilities, and I just broke down. It has happened to the best of us.

In honor of a new year, I decided to take the initiative to rely on my faith to repair broken relationships and to find time to do what I truly love doing. My nightly prayers were answered in these past five days, and the outcomes couldn’t have been clearer.

I have been gifted the courage, strength, and composure to not only mend a few broken relationships, but to strengthen the ones that I have. This week has definitely tested my willingness to be persistent about the changes I wanted/ needed to make, but as I’m writing this I feel as though I have an entire community of people I can rely on with no exceptions. Feeling so fulfilled is a good, good feeling. Shoutout to the big guy in the sky for showing me how to allow myself to be loved.

As I have begun to embark on documentary journalism recently, I’ve learned that this is something that I truly enjoy doing. By “truly enjoy doing”, I mean the kind of enjoyment where you get your mind set on it, look at the clock one minute when it’s 6pm, then look at the clock a second later and its 2:53am and you have subconsciously eaten an entire bag of Doritos without even noticing and you haven’t stopped working.

So today when I was talking to a good friend of mine, he mentioned a film contest he entered a short into. We got to talking, and the conversation spiraled off into me becoming a part of a small film production company with him and his friends who are constantly making short documentaries and short creative films independently. The conversation was so spontaneous and random that I can’t owe it to anyone besides my man JC. Shoutout to Him for showing me there’s more to film production than the many opportunities I am presented with in the classroom.

This past week has been successful in ways beyond avoiding awkwardness. I can’t wait to see what this final year of being a comet has to offer, and in honor of my everlasting appreciation for John Green but even more for the adventures senior year provides, here’s a quote by the one and only Augustus Waters.

“I am on a rollercoaster that only goes up, my friends.”

I’ll see ya Monday, MHS.





One thought on “A Rollercoaster that Only Goes Up

  1. Hi Alyssa, It’s Kathy. You are such an amazing writer and I love your pictures. Your blog posts are goals. You such an amazing person inside out. Keep on doing you and keep on writing amazing blog posts.


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