From the beginning of my high school career to now, there have been some drastic changes in my life. No, I’m not talking about me having a different hair color every year. Although that is true (unfortunately), the biggest change for me in my days at MHS have been how I go about my Wednesdays.

Most of you are probably thinking one of two things: either “If what you do on Wednesdays is the biggest change you’ve had in the past three years then you’re doing it wrong.” and others “yeah- it’s about time you stop making mom come in and wake you up at 5:45am every morning.”

To anyone thinking the second option, you are correct and the main reason for this is that my mom does not have a snooze button, so it got difficult to slack and sleep a lot later than what leaves just enough time for me to arrive seconds before the bell rings. To anyone thinking the first option, you are so incorrect it is mindboggling.

*Freshman/ Sophomore Alyssa’s Wednesday*

First, I wake up at 5:45 am. I spend the entire hour that I reserve for myself to get ready  dolling myself up so I look perfect (mostly for other people). I get on the bus, and sit on my phone scrolling through twitter, most likely complaining in my head about how bad I don’t want to go to school. I sit through my classes counting down the minutes until I get to escape what I think of as my own version of mandatory prison. While I walk through the hallways, I wear headphones so that I can signal to people not to talk to me without saying anything. I go to the bathroom during every bell just to make sure I still look decent enough to want to show my face to my friends. Luckily, its primetime (or even super primetime!) so I get to leave an hour (or two hours!) earlier. After school comes practice. I am on the competitive cheerleading team as one of the only three freshman. Insecure and self-critical, I spend 2 hours telling myself I can’t land this skill, or I can never be as good as this person, instead of actually trying to get better. This mentality slowly eats me away. I get home from practice and sit on the couch probably watching reruns of Pretty Little Liars. I do my homework super late at night, and go to bed only to look forward to another day of the same. exact. thing.

*Junior/ Senior Alyssa’s Wednesday*

First, I wake up at 5:45am to a special alarm that I set specifically for Wednesdays. It isn’t anything too special, just one of the generic Apple ringtones that is a little more upbeat than my Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday alarms. I wake up (eventually) and throw on what ever pair of jeans, flannel, t-shirt, or blouse I had set out the night before. Getting ready takes about 20 minutes, but I still wake up at 5:45 because I like to go downstairs, drink my coffee, read a little bit of scripture, or talk to my mom a little bit before I depart for school and she departs for work. At 6:45, I take my backpack and to-go mug of re-filled coffee and drive away. When driving down Mason Montgomery Rd., there is a significant amount of traffic. But, there is always the prettiest sunrise to my right (but not directly to the right- it’s a little bit in front of me too). Anyway, the practically stand-still traffic lets me admire the colors in the sky without worrying about the fact that I am going 45 mph. I get to my parking spot at around 7am. The best part about this is that I can still see the sunrise- at this point it is at its peak. I have the perfect view from my parking spot- what a way to start the day. I walk into school, and go through my classes focusing so hard on making the most out of every class I take. I happily see so many people I am close with walking through the hallways- I never thought a school of 4,000 people would feel so small! I only go to the bathroom once a day, before Calculus, because my teacher is always late so I have time to sneak in and sneak out without being tardy. I leave school an hour early every day (still great). This time around, I leave with a purpose. I strategically plan out the rest of my day so that from the hours of 6pm-9:45pm, I am completely free. I go home, (maybe) clean my room, finish all of my homework, and eat dinner. Then, I’m off to the indescribable thing that made my Wednesday nights never be boring again: Mason Young Life.

The Wednesday description for Junior/Senior Alyssa is just about as accurate as it gets. Yesterday, I was giddy all day to be in a room with exactly 233 of my favorite people. Seriously- 233 people were in one person’s basement all to learn about God. Even considering the fact that the basement quickly turned into a sauna (the mirrors and glasses were fogged up), it was perfect. A year ago, Mason Young Life gave me the community with whom I met God. Being a Christian has turned my attitude from sorely pessimistic to happy about being alive every day. My high school experience would not be close to being the way it is now without my Wednesday nights being filled with Jesus, cool people, weird games, and hot basements. Words can’t describe the happiness I am filled with every day because I am a part of Mason Young Life- but let’s just say I’m happy that yesterday there weren’t just 232 people in one basement, there were 233.





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