13.1 Miles of Chasing Jesus

I am not a runner.

Seriously- In fact, I am so not a runner that just the words “distance” and “Alyssa” next to each other create the world’s shortest joke. I ran track as a sprinter my sophomore year. I wasn’t a track star in any way, shape, or form, but I had decently fast times. This was mostly just because I realized that the faster I could run, the faster I can be done running.

I love track workouts and running stairs, so sprinting was a good fit for me! Unfortunately, my one-year track career came to a tragic end when the stress and chaos of junior year left me about 1 hour of free time a day once I subtracted work, practice, homework, and sleep. I decided to use that hour to binge watch Parks and Recreation. Best decision I’ve ever made. #LeslieKnopeForPresident2016

As you may have noticed from my past few blogs, I have decided to avoid senioritis and challenge myself this year in not only my faith, but in what I chose to do with my time. I have finished Parks and Rec (tragic) and the free time that I have as a senior seems like there’s one million hours in a day compared to the minimal amount of time junior year left me. So what have I decided to do? I’ve decided to run The Flying Pig half marathon.

The Flying Pig is in May, but I have begun to train now– if the fact that I am training in September for something that happens in May doesn’t show you how much I am not a runner, I am honestly not sure what will. 13.1 miles of running up and down the hills in downtown Cincinnati does not sound very fun to me (and if it sounds fun to you, you have my everlasting respect), but it definitely sounds like a challenge. I’ve wanted to push myself to do things that won’t come easy nor quick, and the idea of a non-runner running a half-marathon seems like the perfect fit.

I’m excited, nervous, but mostly sore. Running for me isn’t easy now, and I’m not certain that it ever will be throughout these 8 months, but I am looking forward to embark on one more thing that will push me to lean on the Lord for strength and persistence.

At this moment in time, I am 1) sore, so helplessly sore and 2) ecstatic that I’ve given myself 8 months to literally chase Jesus. How cool is that?

“With God’s help, we will do mighty things.”

-Psalm 60:12



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