The Graceful Collision of a Journalist and a Christian

As a lot of you know, I am super passionate about film production; I always have my camera, ideas for videos are always buzzing in my brain, and I cut, edit, and rearrange footage with no interruptions until little snippets of life captured on film are put together into a finished masterpiece.

As a Christian, I felt called to use my passion for creating videos to spread his love, his grace, and his presence to whomever I could. I refuse to leave Mason High School without something impactful to leave behind for my Comet family. So, I decided to make short video segments about how God is working in Mason.

There are so many ways that He is changing the world before our eyes that I didn’t know where to begin. Recognizing and admiring the power of prayer, I decided to begin my year long project with a video featuring my genuine, caring friend Delaney Turner.

I met Delaney this past spring when we recruited her onto The Chronicle staff. Our mutual sarcasm and weird humor made us friends right off the bat. At Young Life camp this past June, I got to know Delaney when it comes to her faith. Her relationship with Jesus is a marvel and an inspiration, and to this day she is someone to whom I continue to go to have conversations that truly matter, and to read scripture and talk about life. In fact, this past Monday Delaney and I read Ephesians in the middle of a sunflower field. It was just as great as it sounds. A field of bright sunflowers+ a bible+ time= a little slice of heaven. My point is that Delaney is amazing, and does amazing things, including a Monday morning prayer session that she leads so that people she knows and even people she doesn’t know can start their week off feeling loved and cared for.

I filmed everything I possibly could this week at the prayer session, from the radiant positivity before the prayer, to the bond that an abundance of students from different groups and backgrounds shared through talking to God as a community.

I edited like a madwoman- but that’s nothing too new. I wanted it to get out fast- not because of timeliness, because this kind of message is timeless, but because I was so excited for people to see the amazing ways God is working through people like Delaney at Mason High School.

Once the video was up, I shared it with as many people as I could. Typically, I share it, people like my status, a few people might repost it, and that’s the end of it. Since that is what I was accustomed to, I expected this video to be similar.

In less than 24 hours this video had 21 shares just on Facebook. It had too many likes among all of the shares to count, and hundreds of views. People were commenting all over the place saying that it was amazing, that it showed God’s presence in Mason High School, that it inspired them to take action.

It may not seem like much, but the sharing-chain of the video made me realize the true abundance of God’s works. It gave me chills, and continues to do so. If you were one of the people who found this video impactful and made an effort to share it or comment your thoughts, bear with me and continue that as I persist on my mission to spread his word via videography.

As a journalist, nothing feels better than when people value your work, share it, and are inspired by it. As a Christian, nothing feels better than doing something with the intention spread God’s word and his love. Today I got to feel both of these things at the same time, and let me say that having  a passion that I can use to glorify God feels amazing.

God is so evident in Mason High School. He works through His people just like he is working through Delaney, and just like He is working so clearly through so many people all across MHS.

I love Mason, and I know He does too.

Jesus will work wonders this year in Mason High School- and I cannot wait to document it all.



I encourage you to watch this video below. If you do not want to, that’s completely alright- just have a nice day!


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