8 Things that Wouldn’t Be the Same Without My Older Sister

Happy birthday to my awesome, hilarious big sister! Thanks for being a good role model, entertaining to be around, and for never missing a beat to embarrass me in public. In honor of your 22nd, here’s a list of things that just would not be the same if I didn’t have you as a sister.

1. I wouldn’t have anyone to copy.

Ever since the day I came onto this Earth I have subconsciously (or sometimes consciously) worn what you wear, acted like you act, and done what you do. I am sorry it annoyed you so thoroughly when we were younger, and maybe I still do it now without knowing it and you’re still secretly bitter, but let me just say I am glad you aren’t awkward nor creepy because for a copycat like me that would be just tragic. I sometimes managed to make myself a clone of you, and other times (peep the pool picture) not so much.


2. I would have to spend a lot more money on clothes

One of the best feelings for me is when you go through your closet. By the end of it, I have an entire new wardrobe sitting folded on my bed because mom refuses to let you sell it to Plato’s Closet until I get to sift through it. (Shoutout to Jules!) Whenever I see cute clothes arrive in a box addressed to you, it feels nice to be able to think “those will be mine someday.”

3. I might be the one whose food always has hair in it

Anyone who knows my sister knows that she cannot go a day without finding a hair in her food. It’s become one of our family jokes- whenever everyone is in town to eat as a family, it wont be complete unless there is a hair in Jessica’s food… or in the case of two Thanksgivings ago- a spider. Without you, that could be my cheesy potatoes with a piece of mom’s bangs stuck in the middle, or maybe my cranberry juice with a spider floating at the top- thanks for taking one for the team.

4. I wouldn’t have been raised a child model

Remember when you wanted to be a photographer so you would dress up my seven-year-old self (sometimes in your clothes!!) and take hundreds of photos of me in different places, outfits, and poses? Yeah- I have a theory that’s what began my obsession with taking artsy pictures with/ of anything and everything, even when there’s nothing interesting there to photograph. Thanks for fueling that fire and sparking my obsession with making my Instagram game STRONG.


5. I wouldn’t have the pleasure of being known as “Lil’ Squalz” even though that isn’t my last name

I realized that when they say “Lil’ Squalz they aren’t talking about you (the younger of the Pasquale siblings), but that they’re talking about me, when I was at a Varsity Football game as a sixth grader and a group of high schoolers covered in black paint who I guess were your friends saw me in line buying some airheads and said “Oh my god is Lil’ Squalz!! Look!” In my head, I thought “Yeah… my sister is definitely cheering right now.” But later I realized that it really didn’t matter that my last name wasn’t anywhere remotely close to “Pasquale” because I would always be known as the “Lil’ Squalz.” Fast forward 8 years and two hours away to Ohio University and somehow the name is the same.


6. I wouldn’t have been taught how to get into shenanigans no matter where I am

Even at age three you supported me doing weird things like covering the eyes of many Disney characters when mom tried to take a picture at Disney World. Now it’s evolved into me driving you and Matt to Walmart after Christmas dinner so I can videotape you trying on clothes and doing celebrity impersonations in the main isle at 11:45pm. Either way, hanging with you is always a fun time.


7. Being teased by just Nick wouldn’t be the same

As the younger sibling, I’ve definitely gotten my share of teasing. When you and Nick were both home before you graduated, I HATED being teased. Then once Nick was living at home many years later for a few months after college, you were still at OU and just him messing with me felt plain wrong. I didn’t get offended and he just got sick of teasing me because you weren’t a part of the drama. It almost made me say “Nope this isn’t right let’s wait until Jessica gets home.” Nick would say “Yeah you’re right I’m going upstairs.” So, even receiving rudeness and being annoyed is so much different with you not being a part of it. Enjoy this picture of when you and Nick were messing around taking our Christmas card picture and I was genuinely P-Oed that my appearance in the photo was being burdened by your goof.


8. I would have a giant hole in my heart without you in my life

Sometimes we are annoyed with each other and we might say things we don’t necessarily mean, but you’re my sister and I love you a lot! I am thankful that I not only get to have you as my sister, but as a forever friend. I hope being 22 years old is as great as you are! Please quote and utilize Taylor Swift’s “22” as much as you possibly can for these next 365 days. See you soon!




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