From Above

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.”– that is a phrase said a lot but, in my opinion, not truly embraced enough. Everything that is good and that makes you happy is a gift from God, not from man. At times it is easy to take for granted a lot of the blessings we receive on a day to day basis. This September I worked hard on not taking even the little gifts from God for granted. So, in honor of our awesome God that persists in loving us and making us happy, I decided to document good and perfect gifts in my life that come from above. Throughout September I have been keeping a log of one thing a day I am thankful for. Here it is!

I am thankful for…

9/1- the taste of black coffee

9/2- random conversations initiated by my dad about the weird news stories from across the country that he loves to keep up with.

9/3- not feeling too hot/ too cold outside in leggings and a t-shirt

9/4- spontaneous staycations

9/5- the fact that my friends are willing to cooperate and pose when I want to take cute pictures of them

9/6- optimism from my friends when I am not having a good day

9/7- the fact that I have the resources to make videos of anything and everything

9/8- my mom’s excitement towards Senior year festivities

9/9- the fact that I can see the sunrise perfectly on my way to school

9/10- the Apple music free three-month trial

9/11- my siblings even though they ignore me and tease me 78.3% of the time

9/12- healthy foods that don’t taste healthy

9/13- the creative minds that invented hair ties

9/14- the feeling you get after walking out of a store knowing you got a good deal

9/15- the fact that I have an entire group of all friendly and peppy individuals in one club (SIBS)

9/16- Friday night football games

9/17- childish humor

9/18- finding cute clothes in the back of your closet that you thought you lost.

9/19- for whoever invented the dog snapchat filter

9/20- the fact that I never have to open another ACT prep book ever again

9/21- pinterest

9/22- grey’s anatomy

9/23- my new car stereo

9/24- the special needs kids at Top Soccer and how they show me what it means to be truly happy to be alive

9/25- discovering secret coffee shops

9/26- the feeling you get when you use a new pen

9/27- painting

9/28- how alike Tyler Evans and I have grown to be

9/29- the joy I get from caring for friends. More specifically, for watching Emily Slusser try to eat a milkshake after getting her wisdom teeth taken out

9/30- a student section that loves Comet Country more than Kanye loves Kanye.


Here’s to another month full of little blessings, joys, and gifts from God.



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