From Above

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.”– that is a phrase said a lot but, in my opinion, not truly embraced enough. Everything that is good and that makes you happy is a gift from God, not from man. At times it is easy to take for granted a lot of the blessings we receive on a … More From Above

8 Things that Wouldn’t Be the Same Without My Older Sister

Happy birthday to my awesome, hilarious big sister! Thanks for being a good role model, entertaining to be around, and for never missing a beat to embarrass me in public. In honor of your 22nd, here’s a list of things that just would not be the same if I didn’t have you as a sister. 1. … More 8 Things that Wouldn’t Be the Same Without My Older Sister

You Are Not Alone

Most of my posts have been highly optimistic lately, and although they’re all true, I am not afraid to acknowledge when life doesn’t go perfectly. My week has most certainly been a rough one. Pinpointing the core issue is impossible; it has just been a buildup of little things gone wrong. I could list them … More You Are Not Alone

The Graceful Collision of a Journalist and a Christian

As a lot of you know, I am super passionate about film production; I always have my camera, ideas for videos are always buzzing in my brain, and I cut, edit, and rearrange footage with no interruptions until little snippets of life captured on film are put together into a finished masterpiece. As a Christian, I felt called to use my passion for creating … More The Graceful Collision of a Journalist and a Christian


From the beginning of my high school career to now, there have been some drastic changes in my life. No, I’m not talking about me having a different hair color every year. Although that is true (unfortunately), the biggest change for me in my days at MHS have been how I go about my Wednesdays. Most of you … More 233


So throughout my senior year in the two weeks of its official existence I have seen one common theme in various areas of my life. After an hour of thought and three cups of Kidd Coffee I have decided to make this theme the motto of my senior year! What is it, you ask? I’ll … More Seeds

In A Perfect World

I was living in a perfect, perfect world. Surrounded by a perfect landscape and perfectly imperfect people, I had the pleasure to learn about a perfect God at Young Life camp for an entire week. That perfect week felt like a second and forever all at once. Stripped of all means of communication to the … More In A Perfect World


Home is where the heart is. It would be an affliction to avoid admitting that over the years I have felt alone. This remained true despite the fact I attend a school of 4000 students, I consistently was a part of mountainous crowds, I was always surrounded by people. The truth is that I could … More Home